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Michael Wingate
Well Michelle was very helpful and very understanding with everything and she went above and beyond and really made the whole process easy

Mike Hicks
Michelle was very effective as a mediator at getting my divorce agreement settled even when I though there was no way the other party would agree to anything.

Rebekah Harrison
Michelle was very knowledgeable, helpful and compassionate during our mediation process. Her empethetic demeanor and sweet personality went a long way with helping us reach an agreement. I highly recommend, Michelle, to anyone seeking a mediator! Her background and years of experience shine through immensely and you can tell she has a passion for what she does!

Swade Shook
She helped me get a temporary order for time sharing out of a very difficult ex. I can’t thank her enough. She pulled off the impossible

Michelle was a great mediator. She patiently managed a highly emotional and often irrational situation with grace and kindness. Even when anger and pain brought raised voices, her calm focus brought forth the desired result…agrement! Not an agreement that either party was completely happy with, but maybe that is the definition of a fair agreement. I would highly recommend Michelle as a mediator

Ms. Kohn did an outstanding brokering a mediation agreement in my dissolution of marriage case. I arrived at her office thinking my case would drag out through the summer months, but instead I left her office three hours later with a very satisfactory, signed mediation agreement. I owe all of this to Ms. Kohn’s professional competence and experience. I am forever grateful for her being able to break through what I was certain would be a laborious and lengthy impasse. In a word, Ms. Kohn is efficacious.