Michelle is a licensed attorney in the state of Florida, who has chosen to focus her practice on resolving family law matters exclusively through mediation. A Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator since 1996, Michelle is proud to bring her experience, integrity, dedication, and professional approach to mediation. Michelle’s efforts consistently result in successful outcomes and she is trained and experienced in handling pro se mediation matters for couples who are not represented by attorneys. Mediation is an alternative to costly litigation and provides the parties with an opportunity to save money, time, and emotional energy.

Michelle offers on-line scheduling for your convenience, flexible hours and a reduced hourly rate for parties who qualify. Scheduling is also available by calling her office directly.

If you would like to learn more about the process of Mediation or would like to schedule a free consultation with Michelle, contact her at 772-283-0820, complete the contact us form found below or email us at michelle@kohnmediation.com
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The process of mediation is one of self determination and empowerment, leaving the parties in control of their own destiny. Research shows that disputes resolved through mediation are more likely to produce satisfactory results and higher levels of long-term compliance as opposed to outcomes produced through litigation.

Michelle is dedicated to the process of mediation, to remaining impartial and neutral throughout, and to approaching each case with respect and understanding.

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Reasons to Choose Michelle

Michelle is passionate in her belief that mediation
Michelle is a skilled and experienced
Michelle is a firm believer that it is possible
Michelle takes pride in her skills as a neutral
Michelle has witnessed the emotional and financial