Child Support

Child Support in Florida is determined by child support guidelines. The child support is calculated using each party’s income as well as the number of overnights each party has with their child/children. Health insurance, day care and aftercare expenses are also considered in determining the monthly child support amount.

During Mediation, the Mediator will complete a child support guideline worksheet using a program approved by the Court system.



    Michelle Kohn remains available
    for “Virtual Mediation”. Virtual mediation allows the participants to attend
    mediation from a location of their choice. Each person will need access to a
    device with a webcam. This option saves the parties’ time and provides
    the additional benefit of convenience.

    Virtual mediation is set up in a way to preserve the
    confidentiality of all parties and Ms. Kohn has the ability to put individuals
    in separate virtual rooms when requested. For more information about virtual
    mediation, please feel free to contact Ms. Kohn for a 15-minute free
    consultation. Ms. Kohn is now offering mediation on weekends and evening
    hours upon request.